Filips Staņislavskis (Rīga/Berlin) 


My practice is situated somewhere between speculative research, material experimentation and gesture creation. Specialized in being a generalist and value-driven, I position myself as an attitudinal designer always orbiting around the 'how'. Observe, speculate and care are approaches that encompass all activities of this web(page). I like to think of my projects as tools and mirrors that are to be used for critical self-reflection, nudging my audience towards questioning the habitual. With this work, I attempt to facilitate moments that aspire to revision one’s attitude, with a gaze turned towards collective response-ability in a world of complex, constantly reconfiguring entanglements. 

If you are interested in the works, a collaboration, or just a chat, feel free to get in touch.






2022 (July) LIOS labs (arts of ecology residency) Bledowska desert, PL

2022 (Jun) Resonances IV: Naturarchy (Summer School) EU Commission Joint Research Centre, Ispra, IT

2022 (Apr) .RAR (artist group residency) Institut for X, DK

2022 (Feb) Preferred Futures (guest lecture) Design School Kolding, DK

2021 (Oct) Planetary Imaginations with Michèle BoulogneNoam Youngrak Son and Hung Lu Chan

(panel discussion, moderated by Pejvak) DDW, NL

2021 (Oct) A Breath Away From Becoming the Weather (guided cloud meditation session) DDW, NL

2021 (Sep/Oct) Mustarinda (Nordic-Baltic 2021 AIR), FIN

2021 - now Nonhuman Nonsense Berlin, DE

2016 - 2021 Design Academy Eindhoven Cum Laude (BA), NL

2019 - 2020 Nonhuman Nonsense (internship) Berlin & Stockholm, DE & SE

2018 - 2019 Aalto University (Exchange study), FIN

2018 (Dec) Merry CRISPR workshop (artistic investigations into CRISPR/cas9), Bioartsociety + Biofilia Lab, FIN

2018 (Nov) Biofilia ABC (BioLab Training / Biosafety Level-1 ), Aalto Biofilia Lab, FIN

2012 - 2016 Art and Design college of Riga (Form design/sculpture program), LV

2015 - 2016 Sculptor assistant of Kārlis Alainis. Rīga, LV 


1.5° Celsius

MSU Museum / Science Gallery

USA, Detroit

6 Sep 2022 - 25 Feb 2023


Unknown Unknowns

with Nonhuman Nonsense

Triennale Milano

Italy, Milan

15 July - 11 Dec 2022

Art Ii Biennial: In The Air

KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre

Finland, Ii

15-19 June 2022


with Nonhuman Nonsense

Buropolis, Polynome

France, Marseille

15 Apr - 14 May 2022

Anthropocene / Global Green Room

Museum Helmond

the Netherlands, Helmond

9 Apr - 11 Sep 2022


Galleri TESE, performative evening

Denmark, Aarhus

9 Apr 2022

Rethinking Plastic

Yksi Expo

the Netherlands, Eindhoven

16 Oct 2021 - 6 Mar 2022

Dutch Design Week 2021

Graduation show 2021, DDW'21

the Netherlands, Eindhoven

16-24 Oct 2021

Notes on Breath

Research Exhibition at Mustarinda

Finland, Hyrynsalmi

9-31 Oct 2021


Kantava maa / Solid Ground

Aalto Vāre

Finland, Espoo

8-20 Oct 2021


Environmental and Land Art Festival
Latvia, Gauja National Park

8 Aug - 31 Oct 2021


Tallinas ielas kvartāls
Latvia, Riga

17-27 July 2021

Made In Eindhoven

the Netherlands, Eindhoven

16 July - 31 Oct 2021

Theatre Festival De Parade


the Netherlands, Eindhoven

18-27 June 2021

Nature Takes Over

with Nonhuman Nonsense

Österängens konsthall
Sweden, Jönköping

26 June - 23 Aug 2020

The Age of Entanglements

with Nonhuman Nonsense

Stockholm design week
Sweden, Stockholm

3-9 Feb 2020


Atelier ttt

Germany, Berlin

Feb 2020

Tomorrow's Archives 

Helsinki design week

Iittala & Arabia Design Centre

Finland, Helsinki

6 Sep - 10 Nov 2019

Scarcity and Abundance

Grote Kerk Veenhuizen "Hiëronymus Aemilianus"

the Netherlands, Veenhuizen

July/Aug 2019

City Circles

WOW contemporary art space

the Netherlands, Amsterdam

June - Aug 2019 

Sonic Sculpture

Aalto Vāre

Finland, Espoo

15-22 Nov 2018

Matter of Will

De Bank Eindhoven

the Netherlands, Eindhoven

4-6 July 2018

Experimental Zoo 


the Netherlands, Eindhoven

21 June - 22 July 2018

Design Isle 

Riga International Design Exhibition

Latvia, Riga

Sept/Oct 2016


Take My Breath Away

Project feature / May issue

Elle Decor Italia

2022, Italy

Point of Transition

slow travel story


2022, the WorldWideWeb

This machine makes human clouds

Written by Kelly Van Gemert

Next Nature Network

2022, the WorldWideWeb

Human-Cloud Project turns human breath into clouds

Written by Amy Frearson


2021, the WorldWideWeb

A Place to Stay: Practising Embedded Design

Project feature / written by Shay Raviv 


2021, the Netherlands

U+ZINE #5, "History"

explorations for alt. futures, through the lens of arts and fiction.

The Plurality University Network (U+)

2021, France


The future has been cancelled. A coronal reflection

essay, written together with Nonhuman Nonsense

STRP festival

2020, the WorldWideWeb

CSPA Quarterly: Silence

Project feature / issue 29

The Centre for Sustainable Practice in the Arts

2020, Canada

Tomorrow's Archives

Project feature / edited by Anna van der Lei

Aalto ARTS books

2019, Finland


BAD (Bio Art & Design) Award

with Nonhuman Nonsense

for: Mud & Flood: The Return of Nehalennia

2022, the Netherlands

Melkweg Award 2021

for: Human-Cloud Project

2021, the Netherlands

LDS (Latvian Designers' Association) Award

for: "Jor" / category: product design

2016, Latvia