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In collaboration w/ Pierre Allain + Hao Du

2019 / sleeping materials + spontaneous making + maintenance

The adventure started as a spontaneous reaction to the aftermath of a heavy storm, where we decided to collect trash to craft brooms and use them to clean up the neighbourhood. It quickly developed into a joy of practising maintenance. Both, the act of cleaning and making maintenance tools connected us with the surrounding environment. We used sleeping materials collected around the village of Veenhuzen. All cleaning tools are related to specific actions, places or objects. Taking care of our surroundings reached a choreographic aspect when we chose to perform them in local places. Even though we were taking care of public spaces, it can also be seen as an unlawful act, as the line between self-initiated damage and maintenance of public property is very blurry. Gentle-vandalism is a term that came out of this ambiguity.

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