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2018-ongoing / clocks

Time is a pervasive and intrinsic dimension of our reality. But slicing it into units is a human tendency, a millennia-old practice of measuring duration. Time-measuring tools are a strong symbol of the human aspiration to order and describe the world.


The social convention of clock time is, on the one hand, synchronising and unifying our shared realities, yet, on the other hand, it’s dividing diverse temporalities into uniform and relentless durations. In the struggle to keep pace with clocks, we find ourselves continuously being slightly behind ourselves. 


The interrelation between experiencing time and reading time inspires me to continually play around the clock - turning the movement of time into a tool and a medium to twist, sculpt, interpret and play with. Perhaps an act of re-appropriating the moment, it has become a practice to materialize a variety of relationships with time through the clock.

Filling Time II closeup.jpg
ground time closeup.jpg
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