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2017 / Rhythms of lines on different materials

When individuals of the same kind are interfering, a structure is emerging with new properties and behaviour. The unity is not reducible to the sum of its components, it’s more than that, it’s a new structure. That’s the idea of emergence, a theory on the process of coming into being. To observe the phenomena of emergence we can take a look at how waves interfere. The crossing of waves will merge the 2 energy radiations into a unity, creating a pattern. The same could be said about a society that is emerging in the weave of many individuals.

Waves are one of the basic states of our physical universe, light, sound, heat, energy travels in waves, vibrating in rhythm.

In this research project, the principles of wave interference are used as the design method. New shapes and lines emerge when the layers meet. Exploring the potential of applying the mechanisms of physical phenomena to create fluctuating patterns, unique fabrics and complex aesthetics.

emergence blue GRAY.png
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